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How to Pamper Our Men for Christmas

Self-care is all the rage now and it's wonderful to remember to take care of our body and minds. Most of the self-care promotion we see is geared to women yet let's not forget men need a little pampering, too! We all ask ourselves why do men age better than women? ¬†Well, the truth is… Continue reading How to Pamper Our Men for Christmas

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Men Care About Their Hair, Too

by Erin Meier, CMM It's interesting. Often women think that men have it so much easier when it comes to their hair and some assume that men just don't care about what's on top of their head, whether that's going gray prematurely or losing their hair from a receding hairline or bald spots. In my… Continue reading Men Care About Their Hair, Too

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Feeling Bare…Women and Thinning Hair

Did you know that roughly thirty percent of women experience hair loss at some point in their lifetime?¬† Men are not the only ones who suffer from balding. Women can also lose their hair due to various events throughout their life. While most female hair loss is also due to genetic factors, there can be… Continue reading Feeling Bare…Women and Thinning Hair