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Cheers to 10 Years + 12 Days of Christmas

THANK YOU for making these last ten years so special for me. Hard to believe I've been doing permanent makeup that long and I've loved adding specific skincare services I'm passionate about to take care your skin and help you feel more beautiful. It's the holiday season so that means we want that glowy, dewy… Continue reading Cheers to 10 Years + 12 Days of Christmas

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Scar? Let’s talk scar camouflage!

A scar is a natural part of the bodies healing process.  Scars occur when the dermis layer of the skin is damaged.  The body will create new collagen fibers to the damaged area however, it cannot rebuild the fibers exactly as they were before the injury; therefore creating a scar.  How a person heals damaged… Continue reading Scar? Let’s talk scar camouflage!

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Celebrating Summer and a New Space with Beach or Bust Giveaway

Cheers to Moms and the start of summer this month! This May we've been celebrating moms with $25 off any new permanent make-up procedure, and now clients can book online  - super easy! - or ring me:  (580) 761-1237. Just book by May 31st to get the offer and come see me within 60 days.  I'm… Continue reading Celebrating Summer and a New Space with Beach or Bust Giveaway

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The “Skinny” on Accent for Cellulite

Summer (and swimsuit) season is fast approaching and if you are wondering, "what can I do to get my legs looking better?" Accent Your Body is the answer!  Accent helps to smooth and tighten the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite if that's an area that's bothering you.  So, what the heck is up with… Continue reading The “Skinny” on Accent for Cellulite


G’bye Skin “Uglies” with GoSkinPro

Woot! New and exciting treatment for Erin Meier Aesthetics!  There are often certain skin irregularities that you may think, “I would like spot gone but don’t want to pay a bunch of money or didn’t think there was a way to treat it.” Hold up! Now, there is an affordable, easy solution. GoSkinPro by Erin… Continue reading G’bye Skin “Uglies” with GoSkinPro


Glow Baby Glow with a PCA Peel

by Erin Meier Don’t be scared of a good chemical peel. The results are incredible in restoring a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkly, blotchy, or sun-damaged skin. A chemical peel uses a safe acid solution to remove dead and damaged upper skin layers to smooth and refine the skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and correct skin tone. Turns out… Continue reading Glow Baby Glow with a PCA Peel

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Men Care About Their Hair, Too

by Erin Meier, CMM It's interesting. Often women think that men have it so much easier when it comes to their hair and some assume that men just don't care about what's on top of their head, whether that's going gray prematurely or losing their hair from a receding hairline or bald spots. In my… Continue reading Men Care About Their Hair, Too


Hairline Strokes vs. Microblading

by Erin Meier, CMM Microblading is the newest craze to the permanent makeup industry, but here are some facts to consider before you invest your money to ensure you are making the best decision for your lifestyle and pocketbook. About Microblade: PROS: Microblade is a semi-permanent technique that uses a hand tool to implant the… Continue reading Hairline Strokes vs. Microblading

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Feeling Bare…Women and Thinning Hair

Did you know that roughly thirty percent of women experience hair loss at some point in their lifetime?  Men are not the only ones who suffer from balding. Women can also lose their hair due to various events throughout their life. While most female hair loss is also due to genetic factors, there can be… Continue reading Feeling Bare…Women and Thinning Hair