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Scar? Let’s talk scar camouflage!

A scar is a natural part of the bodies healing process.  Scars occur when the dermis layer of the skin is damaged.  The body will create new collagen fibers to the damaged area however, it cannot rebuild the fibers exactly as they were before the injury; therefore creating a scar.  How a person heals damaged… Continue reading Scar? Let’s talk scar camouflage!

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Does Medical Grade Skincare Make a Big Difference?

As an aesthetician, I get asked about "the best" skincare options on a routine basis, so I decided to address it here to sort out the differences! There are so many different skin care regimens and routines that it can be overwhelming to find the best one for your skin.  Everyone’s skin is different and… Continue reading Does Medical Grade Skincare Make a Big Difference?

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Innopen for the Win (So long stretch marks!)

be Erin Meier Stretch Marks are a personal issue for me on my abdomen after having my twins.   🙂 Although my stretch marks are a reminder of God’s little miracles that grew inside my stomach, they were something that bothered me and wanted to do something about it.  What to do?  Depending on the severity… Continue reading Innopen for the Win (So long stretch marks!)

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The Best-kept Secret for Anti-aging

by Erin Meier With another year coming to a close, we start hearing the media talk about our "year in review" and looking forward to New Year's Resolutions and how we'd like to transform. Of course this also means we're another year older and sometimes the reflection we see in the mirror doesn't reflect how… Continue reading The Best-kept Secret for Anti-aging


Hairline Strokes vs. Microblading

by Erin Meier, CMM Microblading is the newest craze to the permanent makeup industry, but here are some facts to consider before you invest your money to ensure you are making the best decision for your lifestyle and pocketbook. About Microblade: PROS: Microblade is a semi-permanent technique that uses a hand tool to implant the… Continue reading Hairline Strokes vs. Microblading