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Make Your Kisses Last

One of the many enjoyments of permanent cosmetics is to wake up with the perfect color on your lips!  Nothing too bold, but just the right amount to enhance your natural beauty and create definition to your lips. 

The question I get most often is: “Can you apply the pigment outside of my lip line?”  Yes, but no. With permanent makeup lip application, I usually apply the color to someone’s natural lip border or slightly above. One of the biggest mistakes with permanent makeup lip application is when a certified technician creates a new outline of someone’s lips to make them look fuller and bigger. If someone wants to add fullness to their lips, I highly recommend lip filler first, then permanent makeup.  The results end up beautiful and the outcome is just what the client is looking for, rather that having pigment in areas that could end up looking unnatural.      

The Process:

The lips have a little different healing process.  Immediately after the procedure, the lips will appear very dark, thick and bold.  Apply ice to bring down the swelling after the procedure and the following day. They will take 3-7 days for the scabs to shed off.  During the 3-7 days, the lips will feel very dry and tight so keep them hydrated. Once the scabs flake off, your lips will look opaque or like all the color has disappeared. It can take 2 weeks to 30 days for the color to rejuvenate back to the surface.

A touchup is included in the price if the lips need to be darker, lighter or if a piece chips off; it’s all enhanced during the touchup. Before I start the application, we complete the paperwork and go over before and after pictures, colors, shapes and sizes, and all the ins and outs of permanent makeup.

Side Effects:

If you are prone to fever blisters or cold sores, it is very important to make sure you are taking an anti-viral medication to prevent an outbreak before, during and after the lip application. Fever blisters are a side effect of permanent makeup. The fever blisters can push out the pigment during the healing application and not to mention makes the healing process much worse for the client to have an outbreak.         

Color Selection:

Before I start the application, we will pick a color and color match for the desired results.  I encourage a client to pick a shade one or two shades darker or brighter depending on their natural skin tone. The pigment is inserted into the dermis and our lip tissue is like a sheer cloth over the top of healed pigment. 

I recommend wearing a tinted gloss over the healed lip color. This will add luminance and color to your lip application.

Remember, pick a color that enhances your natural beauty and gives color to your face. You can always wear a different, darker color over the top of your lips if you are wanting to change up your color.

Please understand about the lip procedure:

Unlike other parts of the face, lips are a muscle, without hair follicles. Lips also have a very large supply of blood. The ratio of pigment retention taking on the vermilion border verses the vermilion tissue of the lip is very different. Lip liner will have a much greater retention of color. The vermilion tissue of the lips will be far less. Lip pigments tend to be translucent and need to be layered. This means a full lip may take 2-3 sessions, depending on the desired results, along with the natural lip color. In many cases a client will lose from up to 20-30% of the initial lip pigment application. They will get a much greater uptake of color on the second session, and third, if warranted. I try to inform every client to follow post-care instructions, and have realistic expectations about your final lip color, that way you can enjoy the remarkable benefits of what a Permanent Lip Procedure can offer. 

Lip color that won’t kiss off! Wine, food and coffee-proof lips that last! Who’s ready?!

LOVE YOUR LIPS Special:  $425 (Regular price $475)

*Price includes a touchup if scheduled 60 days from the initial procedure

*Offer expires 2/28/18 


Erin Meier


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