Accent Your Body, featured

Thicker, Tighter, Smoother Skin with Accent Your Body

I hear all the hype on skin tightening and cellulite reduction, but what is Accent Your Body and what can I expect?

Accent Your Body uses two different radio-frequency devises that is designed to shape, tighten and smooth the skin.  Accent uses a safe controlled heat in the dermis of the skin, to fight sagging, cellulite, wrinkles and loose skin on the face and body.

This stimulates collagen growth, which in time will tighten the dermis and the epidermis (surface) leaving your skin younger looking and connective tissue restored.

Even better, the treatment is pain free and feels like a warm massage. (Really!) With some people reporting immediate results, most will need a short series (usually 3-6 treatments) to see their skin getting thicker, tighter and smoother.  The treatments are done every 2 weeks to see the quickest results.  Hydration before and after treatments is the key for the best results because the body needs moisture to repair the skin and remove excess waste via the lymphatic glands and urine. Because of this, you should drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day during the course of your treatment.

Accent Your Body is Made For:

  • Post weight loss for tightening loose skin
  • Post-natal to tighten the skin on the tummy and thighs
  • Reducing the ‘jowl’ look when facial skin loses elasticity (turkey neck)
  • The ‘Chicken wing’ arms that seem impossible to improve
  • Sculpt, tone and lift the face; especially underneath the chin and the so called “parenthesis lines”
  • Lose ½ inch to 2 inches per treatment (along with diet and exercise)
  • Smooth out cellulite on the front and back of legs, abdomen, buttocks or arms

Side Effects

  • A warm sensation while the treatment is in progress
  • Redness, not unlike sunburn (Lasts a few hours)

Accent Your Body is a safe and non-invasive treatment for anti-aging and preventative maintenance for your skin.  I tell clients, once you get the recommended amount of treatments, come back in for maintenance within 6 months to a year to uphold the results. Keep in mind, it is not necessarily the “permanent” results like liposuction, face-lifts, tummy tucks or other surgical procedures provide.  However, it is excellent for those planning a vacation, wedding, summer time, want quicker results with weight loss  or want to look and feel your best at a very reasonable price. 

We offer this treatment in Alva, Enid and Oklahoma City.  Please call 580.399.3113 to schedule your new look!     

xo, Erin


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