Hairline Strokes vs. Microblading

by Erin Meier, CMM

Microblading is the newest craze to the permanent makeup industry, but here are some facts to consider before you invest your money to ensure you are making the best decision for your lifestyle and pocketbook. IMG_1683

About Microblade:

  • PROS:
    • Microblade is a semi-permanent technique that uses a hand tool to implant the pigment into the skin for a pretty natural look. 
    • It is good for someone who wants to test the waters before getting more of a permanent application.
    • The prime candidate would be someone who doesn’t usually use an eyebrow pencil and wants to add some fullness onto their existing natural brows. 
  • CONS:
    • It doesn’t go deep enough into the skin where it will last over time.  It is also very easy for the pigment to bleed together because it uses a blade to sliver in the pigment instead of the precision of a fine needle.
    • I have more and more clients who come back in 6-8 months later after they have a microblade procedure and already need a touchup because it has faded off. Remember, that’s how our bodies are built – to slough off skin and renew so it makes sense that with a lighter touch, it would fade faster. 

About Hairline Strokes:

  • PROS
    • Hairline strokes use permanent makeup or tattoo equipment to implant the color to the proper depth in which should last for years.  Typically, clients come in for touch-ups 2-6 years after their initial procedure, so it’s longer-lasting than micro-blading.
    • The hairline stokes/microblade will have little gaps or spaces between each hair to achieve the more “natural” look.
  • CON
    • IF the client uses an eyebrow pencil everyday to fill in their brows, the eyebrow strokes do not give them the fullness or definition they are used to.  In those cases, the client ends up coming back on their 60-day touchup and want them filled in more.  An eyebrow pencil gives us the shaded or powdered affect to the brow.  We would want to apply that same look using a different technique rather than the hairline strokes, such as a full permanent makeup brow.    


Keep in mind for eyebrows strokes and micro-blade……it looks the best if someone has a certain amount of natural hair on their brows.  Otherwise, it can look unnatural and that we’ve “drawn little lines where their brows are suppose to go.” 

It looks beautiful to blend the hairline stokes/microblade with someone’s natural hair. 


Ask yourself: how long do I want this look to last? If I go with microblade, is it in my budget to get a touch-up every six months for upkeep of the look? Do I have enough natural eyebrow hair so that a microblade or hairline stroke will look natural? Or do I prefer the more “filled in” look that my eyeshadow/eyebrow liner gives my brows, so a full permanent makeup brow is the better solution?

As with any procedure, results will vary based on the individual and are also based on the skill of the applicator, so make sure you vet the professional and also ask for before and afters from their own client base, not general industry photos.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you’d like to get in before the holidays if you end up deciding you’d like hairline strokes or a full permanent makeup for your brow, eyeliner or lips!

xo, Erin

Confidence looks good on you. 


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